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Aditz, LLC was formed in 2006 with the sole goal of helping webhosting companies large and small grow to their potential. In addition to hosting brokerage and sales services, we have a range of sites and services for lead and sales generation, reputation building, with more services and sites added continuously.

David Lindahl - Senior Broker
David Lindahl co-founded Aditz, LLC in August of 2006, while also serving on the board of another company he co-founded in 2003, Touch Support, LLC, an outsourced technical support and server administration company. After selling Touch Support to The Planet, a managed hosting company and the world's largest dedicated server provider, in 2008, Mr. Lindahl worked on new products and services for The Planet's marketing group in addition to his efforts for Aditz. He also served as an editorial advisor to Ping! Zine web hosting magazine during his tenure at Touch Support.

Mr. Lindahl holds a B.S. from Purdue University in Information Systems and continues to play an active role in energizing the hosting industry after being involved nearly 8 years in several positions ranging from system architect to general manager/director.

Mr. Lindahl is currently a licensed real estate agent in the state of Indiana.

Mark Davis - General Counsel
Mr. Davis is currently an active legislative consultant (Indiana Registered Lobbyist), and private practice corporate and estate attorney in Lafayette, IN. Mark played a pivotal role in attracting an over 600 Million dollar Subaru-Isuzu Automotive plant to Lafayette, creating over 3,000 local jobs. His career, spanning over 25 years includes vast experience in Asset Purchase, 1031 exchanges, 501(c)3, Internet Law, dark fiber negotiations, state and federal appropriations, tax and real estate law.