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Why Use a Broker?

Experience: Business brokers have vast knowledge of the purchase and sale of a company. They know the ins and outs of the transaction and have been through the process numerous times.

Valuation: A business broker knows multiple valuation methods, and most importantly the one that will correctly fit your business. They have access to numerous comparable sales and will create a fair market value for your company. Many individuals inexperienced in selling their company find trouble with valuating their business. If it is priced to high, it will sit on the market for a long period and thus be looked at as an unfavorable investment. If priced too low, you lose out on large amounts of hard earned money.

Anonymous promotion: When promoting the sale of your business yourself, you run a much greater risk of potential leaks about the sale to clients, staff, vendors, etc. A business broker will be able to anonymously promote your business and act as the intermediary for your company to help protect your identity and allow for a smooth transaction.

Time Consumption: The sale of a business is a very time consuming task. When using a broker, you will be able to focus on what you do so well--run your business. A major issue seen with managers promoting and handling the sale of their company is it eats up a large amount of time and detracts them away from their normal day-to-day activities of running their business. A broker will handle this process for you, allowing you to maximize your time devoted to running your company, and thus, making it easier to sell.

Due diligence: Brokerage firms have access to multiple tools to help further evaluate potential buyers and weed through individuals who would normally only waste your time. They will perform all needed checks and qualifications, bringing only capable buyers to the table.

Contacts: A business broker will have a large list of invaluable contacts. Many of these contacts are with potential buyers and also other brokers who have potential buyer lists. Brokers typically also have contacts to help secure needed buyer financing or perform legal requirements to complete the sale.

Why Use HostBuyout?

We are focused on the industry. We broker only Web hosting and ISP based companies, utilizing our years of experience and industry knowledge to your advantage.

Contacts: We are deeply rooted within the industry and have contact lists years in the making. We have many qualified buyers actively seeking to purchase a hosting company today!

Promotional Advantages: We aggressively promote companies for sale through numerous industry related sites, contact lists, and even print media through Ping Zine web hosting magazine on our full service package.

Numerous unique services: We do not merely provide a listing service, but rather have the ability the offer you a full service brokerage, including escrow and document preparation services.

Valuations: We have the experience and comparable sales to accurately obtain a fair market value for your business, ensuring you top dollar for your hard work.

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